My fabulous massage

A unique, sensual, exciting experience,
with a powerful, inspiring, beautiful man named Pierre!

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FALLS 2008

Pierre is receiving you in his convenient location near Union Square. He is waiting for your call right now! — Discover the different massage options.

What is sensual Reiki

Sensual massage is the use of massage techniques for sensual luxury purpose. It is conducted with the subject naked, undraped.  The body of the subject will be touched in ways that increase sensual arousal.The practitioner, if trained, may use non-traditional parts of his body to apply pressure and stroke.

Some manage to offer a massage that reminds of an erotic session while never exiting the boundaries of legitimate entertainment.

Pierre’s method

Pierre’s Reiki session is a one of a kind, exclusive, truly exciting sensual experience inspired by Ancient Taoist massage and using Reiki, Alexander and modern Body-Electric sub-techniques.

To optimize his relation to each person to make contact with him, Pierre has also undergone an advanced following in a wide range of massage techniques, since the very beginning of his professional practice. However, what Pierre intends to offer is his genuineness, love and passion. His care is about sharing a true, brutal happiness unstained of any schools, currents or tantric labels.

Pierre’s technical background

Ancient Tao: Original Tao is the oldest organized philosophy to have reached us (14 000 years old), and contains the probable roots of Yoga, Shiatsu, Reiki, and Tantric methods. It defines sexual energy as Life’s fundamental force: early adepts would “reach immortality” (re-enforce their vital power and their spirituality) through massage protocols, including Erotic Massage.
Taoist Erotic Massage is often structured upon a constant flow from female into male, from ying into yang, according to the understanding that the only constant in the universe is Change. A great amount of special Erotic Massage practices that serve to cure or prevent illness are being described in the Daoist texts "The Joining of the Essences".

Shiatsu: An ancient Japanese technique which means “pressure with fingers,” Shiatsu is similar to Acupressure. Utilizing pressure and percussive techniques with the fingers along the twelve meridians, or energy channels, of the body, Shiatsu seeks to realign and balance the energies within the body. Pierre’s pressure can be extremely deep.

Thai: The term Thai Massage most often refers to Yogic Massage. The client is stretched into a range of yoga-like postures, with the therapist sometimes suspending the client in mid-air with his legs and arms. Pressure and massage strokes are often combined, as well as walking on the back. Pierre performs those techniques in combination with intense full-body-contact sequences that also involve cold and hot breathing.

Body Electric: The only structured, trademarked variety of Sensual Massage, that trains therapists through their center in Oakland, California, is an energy-based massage formulated around Buddhist Tantric philosophy. It focuses on the seven charkas, or centers of energy, within the body, utilizing massage strokes of moderate pressure, moving outward to the extremities. Body Electric intends to uphold acceptance of the body as a way of reattaching a wholesome view of sexual energy within the body.

Pierre describes his original massage to you

Once you step inside and the door closes itself behind you, you have left outside all your material worries and societal pressures. You are here, now.

You sense that I am already in you, not judging you, that you can be yourself with no fear. Because we are here now, and I am about to feel your naked body.


Let yourself go

Close your eyes. Abandon yourself to my gestures. I am taking you on an amazing journey during which you will discover 12 meridians of energy, 7 sensual zones, and 24 erogenous points. You will experience extreme finger-pressure without feeling any pain, intense total-body-contact; you will be stretched apart, then held strong into my arms, feel a dazzling emotional doubt in sensual desire, to finally experience a liberating, ultimate state of relaxation.


The detailed protocol

Our intercourse is structured upon 4 to 7 sequences with the goal of creating an ascent of energy that leads to an orgasmic state of felicity. Those sequences are called “congresses”, symbolizing a Union between us.

  1. I begin to apply pressure across the lymphatic meridians of your body, as a way of purifying the canals of water (those strokes often deal with stored emotions, unaccepted pain and misinterpreted eliminative functions).
  2. Being on top of you, I progressively stretch and stroke your entire body with my entire body. As we begin to sweat together, I focus on your muscles and bone structure (weak or wrongly stimulated muscles, gazes in-between articulations, distructured column). This phase subtly brings in together our two sensualities, as a feeling of awareness and mutual trust begins to unveil.
  3. Introducing essential oils as a celebration of our encounter, I massage you all across your seven sensual zones, using together many different parts of my body, and going deeper and deeper. Through this intimacy, I let my body fuse with yours in an intense, choreographed expression of virility, unleashing an incomparable stream of sexual energy, where Emotion and Desire are deeply mixed together. This phase of our intercourse becomes beautifully intense as we trust and connect.
  4. I am now pressing upon some of the 24 erogenous points of your body.Pleasure becomes magnificent as it develops and circulates along the cleared meridians, creating an expanding energetic loop that irradiates the whole being. This state of inner, voluptuous joy prepares for “the Discovery of the Star”, a state of spiritual ecstasy.
  5. After this climax, our dialogue stops to a sudden, deaf silence, a long breath that we take together. You are released of all your stress, and have this very short moment for retiring to a deep, far away place in yourself. To facilitate your departure, I slowly lay on top of you, posing my head on the side, caressing your forehead, your crane, your ears, your chin, finally your face.
    The feeling of my deep breathing against your skin accompanies you to this inner retreat, with me as a standing sentinel by the entrance.
  6. That’s it. You are gone to this place where nobody else is allowed. I gradually detach myself from you, and I start the massage of your feet as a reassess of all the stages we passed through together (to each organ and function of your body, there is a corresponding point across the plant of your feet).
    Ultimately I perform feather-strokes upon your arms and hands, readjusting your body in a straight, lying position, with both of your hands disposed on your “hara” (by your stomach).
  7. We end our massage encounter as I perform quasi-immobile Reiki strokes upon your head and stomach. Gradually, you awaken to the material world.

Hi! Thank you for being my partner today. We were on an extraordinary trip together, far away in time and space, isn’t it?
That was a magnificent celebration of life; all shared. Have we got close, for a moment, to what must probably be… happiness?